What is your return policy? 
Due to the personal and handmade nature of our products, we do not accept returns. In the case your product was damaged during delivery, we will gladly issue a full refund, excluding shipping. This refund must occur within 3 days of receiving your order. Please email us a photo of your damaged item(s) to be submitted to our carrier. If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at hellowildcare@gmail.com and we will do our best to assist.

When can I expect my order? 
Each item is created and bottled by hand in small batches, in order for you to receive the freshest and most effective item as possible. Orders are processed Monday through Friday and typically shipped within 2-3 business days however please allow up to 5 days depending on our current volume and/or holidays. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information.
*All orders are shipped via Priority USPS mail, 2-3 day shipping. 
*We currently ship within the US only, however many of our retailers found HERE, ship internationally!


Do you used animal based ingredients? What about pesticides and GMOs?
The only animal-based ingredients are the locally sourced bee pollen from our neighborhood beekeeper (in our Bee Rosy Mask) and the carefully sourced food-grade, sustainably harvested Pearl Powder (in our Soft Focus Coconut Milk Mask). Each ingredient we use is free of pesticides, herbicidal residues, toxins, and synthetics. We also do extensive research to make sure our ethics are reflected within that of our suppliers. We do not use any genetically modified ingredients - even the tiniest drop of our Vitamin E in our Golden Hour Glowing Body Oil is GMO free and cruelty free. We fully believe in truth and transparency and are excited to share the carefully selected ingredients that make up each of our products.

My Hydrosol doesn't have a strong aroma, is that normal? 
A Hydrosol is the nutrient-rich water collected from distilled plant material. We do not add any supplementary fragrance to our Hydrosols to keep in the tradition of offering a true Hydrosol distillation, however the Hydrosol does contain its own essential oils naturally collected through the distillation process. Through this process, the plant's aroma can shift greatly-- for example, distilled lavender smells more like sweet & earthy honey than the flower we imagine it may smell like! To us, these variations are the beauty and art of distillation. Furthermore, it is uncommon for a Hydrosol to smell exactly like its essential oil counterpart. The aromas vary from plant to plant, and can also shift batch to batch depending on where and when the plants are harvested. While some Hydrosols will have a much more subtle aroma than others, be assured they each carry their own supreme healing nutrients.  Pure alchemical magic! To read more on the distillation process, click HERE.


What is the shelf life of a Hydrosol? 
Hydrosols are fragile by nature and require thoughtful care. Being a water-based product (vs an oil) the shelf life can be shorter, and also depends on the specific plant distilled. The botanicals we use generally have a shelf life once distilled of 1-2 years, however various factors do play a role in its lifespan. We highly recommend storing your bottles in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, as well as keeping the contents sterile. This means keeping the cap on tight and using the mister top, keeping hands and other items out of the contents. Following these suggestions will keep it consistent to the scent at the time of purchase. We offer 2oz sizes of our Hydrosols for you to receive a small batch, fresh product that you can enjoy and follow with a new scent experience the next month. To read more on Hydrosols, click HERE.

Is it common to see redness after using a clay mask?
Slight redness may be a common after-effect of using a clay mask. Clay is very stimulating and brings oxygen to the skin, increasing circulation, and extracting impurities. With weekly clay mask use and especially when combined with any of Wildcare’s hydrating Hydrosols your skin will begin to look and feel deeply purified & rejuvenated. Because our bodies are each so wonderfully unique, we recommend doing a patch test before 1st use, especially if you have sensitive skin to ensure compatibility.

Are your products Organic?
Each plant distilled in our Hydrosols is either organically grown in our Portland, Oregon garden, or ethically wildcrafted in pristine landscapes - read more on this below! While many ingredients in our Face + Body care line are certified Organic, we are also confident in sourcing certain raw materials from suppliers who may not have their full certification, yet still treat their botanicals with care, without the use of chemical additives. 

Is wildcrafting sustainable? Where are you doing it?
Foraging, or wildcrafting are sustainable practices only when done respectfully with knowledge and care. The western coast & desert locations we collect from for our Hydrosol distillations are very familiar to us. We take pride in the continuation of checking in with the plants to see how they’re doing as well as speaking with our local forest service botanists to confirm plant species and wildcrafting guidelines. We typically follow the 10% rule of harvesting -- never using more than 10% of any wild growing plant. However, depending on the individual plant, this can be even less.  Following this guideline benefits the plant’s future growth and supports the regeneration of our local ecology. Wildcrafting involves taking responsibility for everything you harvest and how it is harvested. A few considerations I have when collecting are: Will there be more than enough plant life left to share with the birds, insects, and bees? Can I gather without damaging the plant and other plants around it? Is there enough of the plant left to go to seed and continue its life cycle? By gathering and organically growing all of our plants conscientiously and carefully, we are confident that the products are gathered ethically, are fresh and of high quality, and free of pollutants/chemicals. Time consuming -- yes, worth it -- yes!