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"When you turn down VIP concert tickets for this face mask"  -Lacy

"My first order was the Empress Cypress Hydrosol and I immediately noticed a difference in my skin after incorporating into my daily routine. My pores disappeared, my skin was hydrated, and my blemishes were kept at bay even through hormonal changes."   -Danielle

"I loved the Bay and Rosemary Hydrosol I bought from you. Since running out, I've really noticed a change in my skin, more flare ups, etc."   -Linda

"Your Soft Focus Mask is DIVINE. Like....a cloud!! My skin was vibrating with soothing and happy energy. "  -Leah

"This Lavender Hydrosol has been giving me a nice morning boost. Like sticking your face in a field of lavender covered morning dew...Wonderful for my dry, sensitive skin."  - Chandra


"Wild Melon is lightweight yet deeply hydrating. I really appreciate the feel of this oil since its not heavy and seals the hydration in."  -Jen

"I mixed the Coconut Milk Mask with your White Sage Hydrosol and it was awesome!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! Your Hydrosols have been so necessary this winter down south..."   -Jelena

"The Hydrosols from Wildcare are among the best of the best....Hawaiian Sandalwood is so amazing!!!"  -Trish

"Golden Hour's texture was like liquid velvet pudding! Has a gorgeously subtle shimmer which I absolutely gave a look as though being lit from within with radiance."   -Lacy

"This Lemon Hydrosol is saving my life. I need 87 bottles."  -Amber

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"I've been using the Melon Oil every night before bed...It's helping my skin so much. It's so soft and I haven't had a bad break out in weeks." - Hallie F.

"I love the Palo Santo. I have your whole collection and love them all for various reasons." - Caroline Y.

"Bought your Hydrosol and even after 1 use I feel a difference!!!" - Louise S.

"Your sage hydrosol is a lifesaver! Such a mood lifter." - Diana Y.

"All day every day Palo Santo." -Jessica P.

"After I used this people commented how luminescent my skin looked...for real!!!" - Miriam R.

"Your stuff is THEE stuff!" - Angeline

"I want to bathe in this body oil forever." - Justine G.

"I love this stuff so much. The perfect summer face oil." - Lucia L.