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Your nutritional supplement for the face.


Wildcare’s energetic skin care line is rooted in a commitment to organically grow and ethically forage the botanicals we distill, in addition to supporting small, sustainable farms. We feature a wide selection of artisan distilled, small-batch Hydrosols along with our Golden Hour Body Oil and two unique Clay Masks. The water for our Hydrosol distillations is hand-collected from a local spring, offering to you a living water with the highest vibrations and purest energy. Free of toxins and synthetics, Wildcare naturally radiates, like you, from deep within.


What is a Hydrosol?

A Hydrosol is the aromatic water collected from slowly distilled fresh plant material. What results is an extremely gentle skin tonic packed full of nutrients, plant acids, and suspended micro-particles of its own essential oils, used to balance and restore the skins natural PH. 

effective magic.


Small batch, vibrant distillations featuring fresh leaves, flowers and fruits

of the west coast, along with

sustainably procured, precious woods.

Each Hydrosol holds the specific vibration of the plant's landscape and the unique charge of where and when it was harvested, the smell that was in the air and the elements that encouraged its growth. You will find that given thoughtful attention, in its mist you will be transported and nourished, while it offers balance through botanical alchemy.


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