Organic Linen Facial Cloths

Organic Linen Facial Cloths


THINGS features various tools made by contemporary artists, artisans, and designers that work synergistically with Wildcare products.

Artisan weaver Jeannie Ortiz has created a limited series of custom facial cloths in collaboration with Wildcare to be cherished as part of your daily cleansing ritual. Each is lovingly hand-loomed using organic cotton-linen fibers; the best choice for the delicate skin around the eyes and face. Just like with a fine linen shirt, every use will begin to soften its fibers, revealing a beautifully delicate cloth. Using this artisan-made cloth daily to cleanse and steam the face allows for a more gentle and nurturing experience of selfcare.

Best Use
Upon waking & before bed, run your cloth under warm water and gently press into the skin, steaming the face and allowing the pores to open. Follow with using the cloth as your vehicle for a cleanser, kindly massaging into skin removing dirt & excess oils. 

This listing is for one facial cloth. Each measures approximately 9x9 inches in length. As each piece is unique from the next, these cloths hold an individual expression that may vary from what appears in the first image. See group image to gain a better understanding of these variations.

Rinse and wring out after each use. Hand wash with a gentle and natural soap, using the braided loop to hang dry in between uses. 


About the Artist
Jeannie Ortiz is a self-taught weaver with a background in photography and ceramics. She criss-crossed India for two years and fell in love with the breadth of living texture culture and its deep history. She returned to the US, purchased a loom then set about exploring and experimenting. Now settling in Southern New Mexico, she spends her days weaving, sewing, gardening, and playing in the mountains. Her creations are based in nature from the fibers, to the dyes, to the creative inspiration, all is entwined with our earth.


A Note from the Artist
Weaving runs deeper than threads and a loom. Woven fibers touch the heart of what it means to be a human and connects one to it. Fiber is protection, adornment, utility, and symbol. From an ancient cotton rag, to an Indian saree woven with gold, the same process is applied. The thread binds us together; cultures, continents, centuries, and classes. 

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