Light Craters Pots

Light Craters Pots


A series of small clay pots for clay masks by artist/poet Morgan Ritter. These playful pots ceremoniously mark the spirit of your next self-care regime. Use yours as a designated mixing bowl with Wildcare’s Bee Rosy Mask or Soft Focus Mask.

LIGHT CRATERS POTS hover in the palm of your hand like a flying saucer, delicately touching you as you delicately touch it.

A small amount of the clay used in these pots was hand-collected outside of Meteor Crater, Arizona on a day when the 90 mph wind whipped so much red dust on my sisters' faces that we had to hide in nearby boulders’ shadows. These small, sea shell-like pots have experimental glaze applications of sprinkled multicolored pigments on a milky, matte surface.

Each one measures approximately 2 x 2 x 2 inches in a limited series of 12.

Note: Each clay pot holds an individual expression that may vary from what appears in the image. See group image to gain a better understanding of these variations.

About the Artist:
Morgan Ritter's visual and written work has been exhibited at institutions such as the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, LUMA Foundation, Zurich, Sunlan Lighting, Portland, and Centre Pompidou, Paris. Recent activity includes an exhibition at RONGWRONG, Amsterdam and poetry readings at Shanaynay, Paris, and Artists Space, New York. See more of her work at Thanks to Liam Drain!

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