Bamboo Mask Brush

Bamboo Mask Brush


Version 2 with copper. 2019.

THINGS features various tools made by contemporary artists, artisans, and designers that work synergistically with Wildcare products.

Artisan brushmaker Joseph Campbell has hand-created a limited series of beauty brushes in collaboration with Wildcare for the decadent application of Soft Focus Mask and Bee Rosy Mask.

Using this specialty brush to paint your clay mask onto skin allows for a smooth and evenly distributed product, minimizing excess mask that would otherwise be washed off from hands. Not only does this ensure a hygienic skin-care experience, it mesmerizingly marks this ancient ritual of masking with a feeling of peace and attention. Elevate your experience as you lovingly paint your face and body as the precious work of art that it is.

Hand-harvested Bamboo located in a grove approximately a quarter mile from the artist's home are crafted into these rustic brush handles. The waxed linen fibers on the handle are sustainably sourced from the flax plant, used for centuries in clothing, ship-sails and ropes. A leather hanging strap crafted from recycled and repurposed materials allows for easy hang-drying of your brush in between uses. The brush’s bristles are ethically-collected and cruelty-free, sheared from goats only once yearly. Treasured and raised *only* for their soft-as-silk locks, no goats are ever harmed in the shearing process and are lovingly cared for. Brushmaker Joseph has worked with this farm the last 25 years, and is adamant about only investing in materials from sustainable sources that provide fair treatment to all beings involved in the process.

Our work celebrates the wild and natural elements. Rather than using synthetic ingredients (nylon, polyester, polypropylene, PVC...) that are so commonly used for brushes in the beauty industry, we choose to work with earth-conscious materials and artisans. Although vegan and man-made bristles are appealing on some levels, we learned that these ingredients almost always depend on harsh chemical solvents, machinery, crude oil, rubbers, and dangerous metals such as aluminum in their production. Synthetics like these leave a nasty footprint on our precious soil, water, and air in their process. We are humbled to feature these exquisite handmade brushes, participating in sharing sustainable and thoughtful tools. 

Each brush measures approximately 6.5 inches in length. This is a limited series of 20. As each piece of bamboo is unique from the next, these brushes hold an individual expression that may vary from what appears in the first image. See group image to gain a better understanding of these variations.

About the Artist
Joe Campbell, while recently retired, spent the past 35 years as a professor in art & ceramics, with 25 years experience creating artisan, handmade brushes. With deep concern for his environmental footprint, each of his pieces holds integrity and a dedication to be earth friendly and cruelty free.

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