Full Hydrosol Line

Full Hydrosol Line


Enjoy all 6 Hydrosols in the Wildcare line at $10 less than retail price (a $108 value).

Made from Organically grown and/or ethically wildcrafted botanicals.

This listing includes each of the following - 

Palo Santo Hydrosol
Purple Majesty Lavender Hydrosol
Lemon Light Hydrosol
Rosemary + Bay Hydrosol
Empress Cypress Hydrosol
Cedar Leaf Hydrosol

What is a Hydrosol? 

A Hydrosol is the aromatic water collected from slowly distilled, fresh plant material. What results is an extremely gentle skin tonic packed full of nutrients, plant acids, and suspended particles of its own essential oils, used to balance and restore the skins natural PH. 

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