Soft Focus Coconut Milk Mask

Soft Focus Coconut Milk Mask


Coconut Milk Mask with Pearl and Pineapple Extract

Take the edge off. This is your soft focus.
Delve into this feathery light, decadent milk mask. It soothes & moisturizes skin that has survived even the harshest conditions with a dreamy blend of iridescent pearl, luscious coconut milk, and pineapple extract blended in silky white clay. Our food-grade pearl powder reverses sun damage, while powdered Organic coconut milk provides rich, fatty nourishment, making this unlike any other clay mask. Entirely free of essential oils, it is safe for our most sensitive beings. Soft Focus is a deliciously creamy mask that leaves you altered.

Best Use: Spoon 1-2T into a small bowl and combine with either any Wildcare Hydrosol (our favorite for added nutrients), organic yogurt for increased moisture, honey (raw if possible) for acne and inflammation, or simply pure water. Once your mask has reached its desired consistency, smooth on skin, relax for 15-20 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water. Follow with generously misting your Hydrosol, massaging a few drops of facial oil into skin, and lastly a final mist of Hydrosol to lock in moisture.


This mask is Essential Oil free for sensitive skin types.

Pearl Powder - Pearl powder is the secret ingredient of many cultures’ beauty rituals, prized by both the Ancient Egyptian and Chinese peoples and has deservedly made its way into our current times. It is high in calcium, protein, and amino acids which contributes to promoting cell regeneration, and increasing collagen levels to help firm and smooth the skin. Pearl powder eases inflammation while simultaneously prevents hyperpigmentation, & reverses sun damage, revealing lustrous & illuminated skin.

*Our pearl powder is food grade and ethically cultivated from fresh-water pearls

Pineapple Extract- Pineapple contains the enzyme Bromelain, which aids in breaking down dead skin cells and reveals a brighter complexion. Bromelain has been used to treat inflammation for hundreds of years.  *This ingredient is proudly non-GMO*

Organic Coconut Milk Powder - The natural fats in coconut moisturizes and eases dehydrated and damaged skin. It contains Copper and Vitamin C, both of which increase elasticity and assist in minimizing wrinkles and age spots. Normally evaporated Coconut milk powder contains trace amounts of Casein (protein from Cow's milk), however we have carefully chosen our Coconut Milk, as it only contains 1% Tapioca Starch derived from Yuca Root. 100% Non-dairy.

White Kaolin Clay - White Kaolin is a gentle clay used for the most sensitive skin. It is a supreme choice in a mask for those with already dry skin. White Clay draws out impurities and bacteria, increases circulation to the area applied, and reveals an even, healthy skin tone.

Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Evaporated Coconut Milk*, Non-GMO Pineapple Extract, Fresh Water Pearl Powder. *Organic

* We always recommend a patch test on the inside of your arm upon 1st use to ensure compatibility. 

4oz , Frosted glass jar

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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”Always choose this mask after a long day in the sun. Your skin will thank you and drink it up. It is just the best most soothing thing ever.”

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