Founded in 2015, self-taught distiller, Cortney Herrera began Wildcare with a dedication to create effective skincare based on the indigenous plant life in her landscape. Through red cedar forests of the Pacific Northwest, to velvety white sage in the Topa Topa mountains of California, Cortney and her husband Alejandro actively seek out and learn from nature on a consistent basis. Receiving formal training in Culinary Arts and an internship in Herbal Medicine in Portland, Oregon, she directly experienced the synergistic benefits of purely natural ingredients and therapeutic botanical care. After having various skin maladies for most of her life, she noticed immediate personal benefits from the consistent use of Hydrosols distilled from the organic plants in her California garden. This led to further research and confirm that both ancient and contemporary researchers agree - Hydrosols work. Through the intelligent use of earth-grown materials and innovative natural ingredients, the hope for Wildcare is to realign ourselves with nature, creating balance through botanical alchemy. 



All of our products are made with care and integrity in Ventura, California


Endless thanks to Morgan Ritter, sister/artist/graphic designer, Ash Ritter, sister/herbalist extraordinaire, and Graphic Artist, Mia Nolting for designing our lovely logo.